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Think Age Can Stop You? Ha – Time to Think Again!

I was a heck of a hockey player when I was 20. My team was the US National champions - yeah, I was THAT good. Jump ahead two decades and I'm playing in a men's league against guys half my age. I did pretty well and enjoyed it for few years. But as the seasons went by, the players got a little younger and faster, and I got a little older and slower. It was really hard to deal with and upset me terribly – that is, until I had a much-needed shift in my mindset and approach. I refused to give up playing, so, I joined an over 40 league and guess what... I was awesome - actually, one of the best players out there! Damn, it was so much fun again!

Hockey injury

This was one heck of cathartic experience - even though I can't stop getting older, that can't possibly stop me from enjoying my life. I love to go on hikes, play golf, attend rock concerts, travel, walk my two rescue pitbulls, along with landscaping and DYI projects at home. No way was my age going to stop me from enjoying things, so, once again, I had to change my mindset and my approach. I started making little changes that were easy, like cutting down on processed foods and sugar, drinking more water, taking supplements, and wearing light-weight compression garments when active. Most importantly, I started working on my mental attitude and not letting the stupid stuff bother me, because it's almost all stupid, and SO not worth it.


Such simple changes were easy to implement and have made a monumental difference in doing what I enjoy and feeling my best every day. Yeah, I can still do all the things I love - and I can do them at MY pace (well, sometimes at my dog's pace). Living Limitless and loving it.

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