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Want to Look & Feel Younger? Here's 3 Anti-Aging Supplements Great for Your Body!

Slowing the aging process is something that doctors and scientists have researched for ages. The good news is that they have identified a number of supplements that have proven to anti-aging properties. Years of research has been done in this field and there are many that doctors recommend.

Today we share three of those supplements that you may be familiar with and are easily found online, in pharmacies, and even supermarkets. Check it out as you may be surprised!

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Co Q-10 – Over the past few years, doctors have praised the health benefits of CO Q-10 and its ant-aging properties. You see, while your body produces this nutrient, as you age the production depletes. It has been used to improve the level of blood vessels, help lower blood pressure and even heart failure. And it has even been used in combatting side effects that may occur from taking statins. While foods that carry the supplement aren't as rich in it as taking supplements, certain good sources of it are found in cold water fishes like tuna, salmon, sardines and mackerel, meats, and vegetable oil.

Collagen – Scientific research suggests that taking a collagen supplement can improve physical aging signs including reduction of dry skin and wrinkles. It is a rich protein found in the body that helps with the healthy production in ligaments, muscles, tendons and even helps to reduce joint pain. But as you age the body produces less and less of it as one of the signs is looser skin that is noticeably less supple. A study from last year showed that taking a collagen supplement along with a few other ingredients improved hydration in the skin along with elasticity.

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Garlic – It's known as strong antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. The compounds in garlic can help to reduce blood pressure, and it may even help to improve bone health, and might actually help to improve your athletic performance. It even has antioxidants that might help to prevent dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Crushed garlic extract has been used to reduced hair loss when massaged into the scalp. Having it in your diet is most helpful but taking it as a supplement will help even further.

As with any supplement, we recommend doing your research on their properties as well as the amounts you should take. Conferring with your doctor is always an important step in assuring your personal safety.

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