Keeping Safe from Covid in Restaurants

Finally Dining Out? Here's the BEST Tips for Keeping Safe from Covid in Restaurants

Finally Dining Out? Here's the BEST TIPS for Keeping Safe from Covid in Restaurants

Depending on where you live depends on what percentage of people are allowed to dine in a restaurant during the Covid pandemic. A good number of states have allowed their restaurants to be at 50% capacity. Places like New Jersey and New York City are at 25% while the state of Florida is the most lenient. But they all pretty much have the same safety rules and you really should check out their safety practices online before heading in.

Most will tell you to wear a mask until seated as all employees are wearing masks. High touch surfaces are regularly disinfected, and chairs and tables are social distanced. Many experts claim you should eat outside if possible, but we realize that during the winter months it's just not possible in most of the country.

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You really want to use a disposable paper menu to keep free of other people's germs. If they don't have that for an option, then look at the menu on their website. Many places have switched to touchless pay options with your credit card which raises the level of safety. And as far as opening doors, it's your choice, but you can use a napkin or your shirt sleeve to grab the handle, but like I said, that's really up to you.

One thing you'll notice is that almost every restaurant isn't offering buffets, salad bars, or drink stations for your protection. And we definitely recommend that you bring a mini portable hand sanitizer to make sure that you are free of germs.

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Listen, we're not being germaphobes here, we're just recommending a number of safety guidelines that give you the greatest chances of avoiding the Covid-19 virus. While some are must-do when dining out, others are simply suggestions to ensure that you have the safest experience possible while finally enjoying the heck out of dining out. It's about time!

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