You've Got to See the Incredible Effects That Magnesium Has on Your Body... Wow!

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Magnesium is an incredible mineral that is just so important to your brain and your body and is involved in over 600 reactions in your body! It helps with the contraction and relaxation of your muscles. It works on repairing your DNA. It works on converting your food into energy. And it helps the proper functioning of your nervous system and your brain.

Now there's a lot of things that this amazing substance does to help your daily life. One big thing it can do is reduce the symptoms of depression, and in some cases the positive results can be dramatic! In fact, in a trial of older adults with depression, 450 mg of magnesium a day was likened to an anti-depressant drug improving the participant's moods.

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Now higher levels of magnesium can also be effective in combatting diabetes. A noted improvement in A1C and blood sugar levels was found in diabetics who took higher levels of the mineral. And in a 20-year study of more than 4,000 people, those who had the higher levels of daily magnesium intake had a 47% less chance of getting diabetes.

In a couple of studies of people with high blood pressure, those who took 450 mg daily showed a real decrease in their pressure. What is interesting is that it dropped the pressure of those who had high blood pressure but had no real effect on people with normal pressure.

One thing magnesium really helps with is people who suffer from inflammation. Those with inflammation such as prediabetics, older and overweight people were helped with magnesium supplements, as well eating higher level magnesium foods like dark chocolate and fatty fishes like salmon, mackerel, and halibut.

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Magnesium is a very available mineral that can be found in both foods and supplements. It's truly essential to your health and we recommend doing some online research to discover more about it. You should also ask your doctor what is best recommended for you.

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