More Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

Here's MORE Great & Easy Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure...

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In our previous article we gave you 3 great ways to help in lowering your blood pressure. But we've got even more info than that - so you've got to check this out now – and we swear you'll be happy you did!

Losing Weight Really Does Help — Depending on your weight, losing just 5 to 10 pounds can help to lower your bp. Studies have proven this as fact as dropping the excess pounds really helps with your health.

Potassium Makes a Difference — It actually works to reduce the effects of salt in your body. Combine that with taking in less salt and you might really notice the positive results.

Have Dark Chocolate for Dessert — We swear, it's a proven fact that enjoying just a little dark chocolate each day (60-70%) has been shown to lower blood pressure while lowering the risk of heart disease. Just one or 2 squares can not only work its magic, but it tastes great too! It's a great dessert that's actually good for you!

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You HAVE TO Work on Getting A Good Night's Sleep — If you don't experience a good night's sleep over time, you can be a candidate for high blood pressure. There's a lot of good research on the internet about this so surf the web and you'll be surprised how much it will help!

Practice Gratitude — We as a whole just don't do this enough. Being grateful, I mean honestly grateful for the things in your life brings about a natural sense of happiness. And being happy definitely makes you feel better mentally, which can honestly help over time to lower your bp. It may not be the easiest thing to do for some but practicing this over and over can make it become more normal. We're speaking truth here and it's really worth a try. We suggest you research this more online.

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The Final Thing We Recommend — You can always talk to your doctor about the right medication to take if trying to naturally lower your blood pressure isn't working. He should suggest various things as well as what type of exercise will help.

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