Protect Your Dog in Winter

BEST WAYS to Protect Your Dog in the Cold of Winter

Best Ways ti Protect Your Dog From the Cold of Winter...

There's a statement that's been said forever and it couldn't be more true. If it's wintertime and it's too cold and uncomfortable outside for you, then it's definitely too cold and uncomfortable outside for your precious dog. They're your best friend and it's so important to protect their health during the cold season. Dogs can easily fall prey to frostbite and hypothermia, so you really need to watch over them when letting them outside and taking them for walks.

First off, never shave their coat down to the skin as their fur gives them great warmth, but you can trim their hair a little to keep ice from sticking to it. It's also a good idea not to wash them as much in the winter as their coat gives off oils that protect their skin in lower temperatures. And for older dogs and smaller dogs with shorter hair, it's a good idea to get them an outdoor coat or a sweater to keep warm when it's wintery.

Dog with scarf in the snow

The one thing you really want to watch for is the health and safety of your pup's feet. When it's cold and icy their paws can crack or bleed, so you want to wipe them down the second they come inside. But perhaps the biggest reason for wiping them down is that they walk through deicers, salt, and antifreeze on the road and sidewalks, and you just don't want fido licking those toxic chemicals off his paws. So, you really need to wipe your entire pet down when they come in, especially so they don't get dry and flaky skin.

One thing that's really important is making sure you have your pooch on a leash when there's snow or ice on the ground. They can lose their sense of site or smell and if he's light colored, he could blend in with the snow. So, make sure he's leashed the entire time.

Man petting dog outside in the snow

You also want to watch their food intake. Indoor dogs are kind of like bears where in the winter, they sleep more, exercise less, and eat less, so, they burn a lot less calories. So, make sure they don't eat more than normal or else they'll get fat and that's just not healthy.

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