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RECIPE: Beer Can Chicken – The Juiciest, Tastiest Chicken You'll EVER Have!

This just might be the tastiest way to cook chicken on the grill – juicy, crispy, low carb, low fat, and unbelievably tasty! The beer steams the inside of the bird while it penetrates the meat, making it fall-off-the-bone delicious. Use a smaller 4 lb whole bird (cook at least 2 of them at a time). You can purchase beer can holders made for this so the chickens don't tip over (you can find them on the web). Now there are a number of ways you can season or marinate the chickens, but here's an amazing take...

The Marinade: Italian dressing and Teriyaki. Use Italian salad dressing with the little chunks of spices and slather the birds with it - then let them sit for an hour. Next, fill a small spray bottle with teriyaki sauce. The mixture of the Italian dressing and the teriyaki gives the meat a wonderful sweet and savory flavor.

Beer Can Chicken Recipe

IMPORTANT: You want to cook on indirect heat – medium temperature. If using a gas grill, only light the left and right burners and place the chickens right in the middle. If using a charcoal grill, place the coals to the right and the chicken to the left side.

Here we go... Very gently glide a half-filled can of beer (any beer will do) up the bird's cavity so its butt reaches the bottom of the can (a beer can holder for grilling will make this so much easier). Now place the birds on the grill where there is no flame. About every ten minutes give your chickens a half-turn and then spray them down with teriyaki sauce. This should take about an hour and a half to cook until the temperature of the breast meat reaches 165 degrees, so be sure to use a meat thermometer. When it's done, your bird will look a toasted golden brown - the juices will be dripping everywhere as the meat literally slides right off the bone. Now, the last thing to do is DIG IN!

Beer Can Chicken Recipe

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