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Here's 5 AWESOME CARBS You Can Actually LOVE on Your Diet

OK, so you're on a low‐carb diet... but you know what? That doesn't mean you can't still eat certain carbs. Well we did our dietary research and found 5 carbohydrates that are actually great for your diet, super tasty, and incredibly healthy as well! You have GOT TO check this out!

Greek Yogurt 2% Plain — When you are on a low‐calorie diet and eat probiotic Greek yogurt, you'll lose weight while dropping your body fat percentage. It fills you with protein, natural sugar, and it makes you feel full. The amazing thing is that even on a low‐calorie diet it keeps sugar levels from dropping which helps to prevent those sweet cravings.

Whole grain cereal with fruit

Whole Grain Breakfast Cereal — Eating these grains every day have been proven to lower abdominal fat. In studies, people who ate more of these cereals had less abdominal fat with a lower Body Mass Index. Cereals like Cheerios have high fiber and low fat and can definitely help you lose your gut. One study even showed that older folks who ate whole grain fiber cereals dropped body fat!

Sweet Potatoes — They are very healthy for the body and are loaded with antioxidants like beta carotene. But one great fact is that they increase your metabolism while regulating your blood sugar. They also have less calories than white potatoes and are 100% fat free! They're also great for your eyes, they fight inflammation, and help to manage your blood sugar.


Roasted Chick Peas — Well they're not only packed with flavor, but they also help to regulate your weight while helping to stop over eating. They are absolutely loaded with fiber and protein which fills you up and keeps you going!

Popcorn — Popcorn really is a great snack — of course if you can keep the salt and gobs of melted butter to a minimum. Researchers discovered that snacking on this fabulous food made them not only feel less hungry, but also left them feeling more satisfied afterwards as it leaves you feeling full. It's also full of antioxidants that help with digestive health. Just a wonderful food to add to your diet!

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