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How About Some Great & Easy Ways to Build Muscle WITHOUT Using Weights!

Surprise surprise…we’re here to share the good news that you can build and tighten muscle while gaining strength without lifting weights! If you do a little web research, you’ll find a number of great exercises to do, but we’ve decided to share a few of the easier ones that’ll get you guaranteed results!

Broad Jumps — Here’s a great exercise that really works your legs. While they’re pretty easy to do, they take some energy to accomplish. You want to start with your arms hanging at your sides while with your feet apart at shoulder width. Next you want to squat down about halfway to the ground and then lunge your feet forward while thrusting your arms and hands forward as well. Land as softly as you can having your weight forward just slightly. Do 3 sets of 10 reps each.

Split Squats

Split Squats — Another nice exercise will work your biggest muscle groups which will do your body a ton of good! With your hands on your hips take a big step forward bending your front leg. Then bend your opposite back knee downward towards the ground while along with your butt. While bending, you’re basically forming a 90-degree angle. Do a 10-rep set then switch legs and repeat. See enclosed pic.

Push Ups

Push Ups — Now here’s the proper way to do them that with help to build and strengthen your arms and upper body while also helping your core. Place your flattened palms to the ground directly under your shoulders with your body in a flat planked position. Keeping your back flat as well, bend your elbows while lowering your body so your stomach goes as close as you can to the floor. Now extending the elbows, push your body back upwards into the starting position. Try for as many reps as possible (max of 15) and do 3 sets. And DO NOT worry because the after just a few days you’ll be able to get lower to the ground while slowly increasing your number of reps!

Like we said, search online for a number of great exercises similar to these because you don’t need weights to make your body strong and fit!

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