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COFFEE is ACTUALLY GOOD for YOU?! We're Serious – You've Got to Check This Out NOW...

If you love coffee, this news may make you love it even more! Enjoying that savory morning drink is better for you than you even thought and in multiple ways. You may have heard some bad stuff in the past, especially about caffeine, but we've got some really great news you'll love to hear...

Believe It Or Not, Coffee is Chock Full of Antioxidants and Nutrients – First off, when it comes to antioxidants, coffee outdoes many veggies and fruits in your diet. It also contains a load of riboflavin (B2), pantothenic acid (B5), Niacin (B3), potassium and manganese. Just a few cups a day can really juice up your system!

Coffee beans

Burn Fat and Have Better Physical Performance – In two meta-analyses, caffeine improved exercise performance as much as 12%. It also increases oxidation of fatty acids while raising your metabolism.

Coffee Can Actually Make You Smarter? – Studies have proven that caffeine improves your brain function, reaction time, as well as your memory!

It May Dramatically Lower Your Risk of Getting Type 2 Diabetes – Those who drink a few cups of coffee a day seriously lower their risk of Type 2. The drop of risk depends on the person, but 18 different studies revealed a drop in risk from 23% to 67%. What was found was a 7% additional drop for each additional cup people drank. Amazing!


Coffee Just Might Be Extremely Good for Your Liver – Coffee has been shown to lower your risk of liver cancer by as much as 40% and lower your risk of getting cirrhosis by as much as 80% which is just incredible news!

Now on the flip side, drinking “too much” coffee isn't overly healthy. Four cups, or 400 mg of caffeine is considered safe for most adults who are healthy. But then, a lot of people drink in excess of that without any health issues. Always check with your doctor for the best advice.

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