The spokesperson we chose to represent Copper Fit® come from all sports and all walks of life. But they have one important thing in common: they give everything they've got to be the best they can be, and inspire others to do the same.

Brett Favre

NFL Legend

Favorite Product(s):

Back Pro

"I played 20 years in the NFL... No one could take a beating like I did. As soon as I put on Copper Fit® I could feel the support."

Jay Cardiello

Celebrity Personal Trainer

Favorite Product(s):


"CopperFit takes the thought process out of staying active. Fear is one of the biggest thought / and or emotional obstacles that inhibit people form enjoying life. 'What if I get hurt? I have a past injury? I am just too old." Wearing CopperFit provides with the support and comfort I need. It eliminates my fear allowing me to enjoy a life that I otherwise might have been missing."

Sugar Tiner

Nationally-Ranked Gymnast

Favorite Product(s):

Knee and Elbow Sleeves

"The pain I was having literally felt like someone was stabbing me in the knees. I had pretty much lost all hope. I feel really good and I've accomplished something. Copper Fit® has helped me do that."

Tahira Kasai

Collegiate Track Star

Favorite Product(s):

Knee and Elbow Sleeves

"I'd definitely recommend Copper Fit® to anybody to give it a try that has pain. I noticed that a couple of days after, it didn't really hurt"

Bruce Davis

Former NFL Linebacker

Favorite Product(s):

Knee Sleeve

"If I can put this to the rigorous test of an NFL athlete, it can work for me with all the joint pain I've had, it'll definitely work for you. I've pushed this product to the max and it performed great at every level."

Christos Poravos

Industrial Athlete - Construction Foreman

Favorite Product(s):

Back Support

"I believe in Copper Fit®. My lower back hurts quite a bit as the day progresses but with Copper Fit® I haven't been thinking about my back at all."