Frequently Asked Questions

What is Copper Fit®?

Copper Fit® products are compression sleeves, socks and back supports that are made with copper ions bound at the fiber level during the manufacturing process. Copper is an environmentally-friendly mineral that can provide anti-odor benefits to the garment.

How quickly will I feel the benefits of wearing Copper Fit® compression sleeves?

Just like every person is different, everyone's response time to injuries, soreness and aches is different. Many people feel the positive effects of wearing their Copper Fit® compression sleeve immediately. It's important to remember that the benefits of wearing your compression sleeve can only be felt when they are worn and sized properly.

When should I wear a Copper Fit® compression sleeve?

Copper Fit® compression sleeves can be worn anytime; while engaging in physical activity, moderate activity, or when completely at rest. They're great for daytime and nighttime. Copper Fit® compression sleeves offer the highest quality comfort fit, making them ideal for extended wear. Many people benefit from wearing Copper Fit® all day long, underneath their clothes.

What is the difference between Basic Recovery and PRO SERIES products?

BASIC RECOVERY: The Copper Fit® Recovery line of compression products will give that extra support for joints and muscles. The Recovery line is ideal for activity in the light to moderate category, so it's great for all day. You can even wear Copper Fit® Recovery while sleeping.


PRO SERIES: While anyone can benefit from our PRO SERIES athletic gear, these products are recommended to be worn before, during and after moderate to intense physical activity. The PRO SERIES products are perfect for workouts, sports, running, or for jobs that involve physical activity.

How do I determine sizing? Is there a size chart?

Yes, there is a chart that makes finding the right Copper Fit® size simple. Just click the tab labeled "View Sizing Chart" on each of the product pages page. To find the right fit for you, all you need to do is take a few easy measurements.

How long should I wear compression sleeves?

You can wear your Copper Fit® products all day long for invigorating relief and maximum muscle recovery. All of our compression products are designed with thin, lightweight fabrics for superior comfort. And, all Copper Fit® garments wick away moisture and provide odor reducing benefits.

How do I wash and dry my Copper Fit® sleeves and garments?

Most Copper Fit® products can be washed in your washing machine. We recommend washing in cold water on the gentle cycle without bleach or fabric softener. While sleeves may be placed in the dryer, it's best to air-dry your Copper Fit® garments as this will help prolong their use. If you do choose to machine dry, tumble on a gentle setting and avoid dryer sheets.