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Do It Yourselfers: 3 Top Tips for Saving Money, Time, Aches & Pains

Do It Yourselfers are a wonderful breed. You love to stay busy fixing stuff, it's in your DNA. Or maybe you just really love saving money, knowing you can replace that sink or change those brakes a heck of a lot cheaper than bringing in a pro. Whether you're a little handy, or more of a rookie who wants to give it a shot at getting your hands dirty, there are a few things you really need to consider before taking on a project.

Immediately Determine If & When You're Over Your Head
So, you're the ambitious type with confidence in your abilities – and that's great. But just hold on for a moment because you really need to take a full assessment of a project's complexity before starting. Hey, it's in a guy's genes that we don't like asking for directions. But diving into a project without doing some research can actually take more time and cost a lot more money than you thought. For instance, if you've never put up a ceiling fan or worked with wires, well, you'd really need to ask for help from someone who knows.


YouTube: An Invaluable Tool for the DYI Guy & Gal
It's simply amazing how many professionals have YouTube pages loaded with videos on how to build or fix almost anything. From putting up drywall, to fixing garage door springs, installing a new toilet to changing a fan belt, take a few moments to watch some videos and you'll instantly know either what to do or if you're in over your head.

Compression Garments: The Other Invaluable Tool
Face it, you'll be exercising muscles you don't use much – bending, lifting, twisting and turning - and you KNOW that means aches and pains will follow for days. Quality compression sleeves give support to elbows and knees, keeping your muscles and joints warm, which has been shown to reduce recovery time, while also reducing muscle stiffness, soreness, and pain. Throw on a Back Pro belt and form fitting compression gloves and you'll be on your way to Living Limitless.


Copper Fit Compression Sleeves – These copper infused compression garments are designed to give you the most comfortable, breathable, and consistent support for your joints and back, providing you with muscle and circulatory support. Many athletes and celebrities swear by their compression sleeves, claiming they have more energy, their muscles work more efficiently, and they avoid injury while exercising.