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Great Tips for Taking Your Dog on a Summer Road Trip

Big summer road trip coming up, but this time you're bringing the family pooch along for the journey. Well, you can't just bring him in the car and go, as there's a few things to keep in mind to make this trip with your furry buddy a safe and successful one.

Consult the internet. – First thing, check out these two websites: BringFido.com and DogFriendly.com. Bring Fido says you can explore over 250,000 places you can stay, play, and eat with your dog. Dog Friendly has published world-wide pet travel guides for people with dogs of all sizes & breeds since 1998.

Prepare your pooch for the long drive - Take him on a series of trips to get him used to car travel. Make each trip just a little bit longer than the previous so he gets comfortable with the idea.

Taking your dog with you in the car

Doggie Travel Kit – First aid supplies, medicine, bottled water, food and snacks, plastic bags for waste, and even grooming supplies. Also, a pillow and a couple of toys to make sure he's physically and mentally comfy.

Keep that head inside - Do NOT let him stick his head out the window while you're driving. Face it, he could fall or jump out and nobody wants that. Plus, the wind isn't good for his eyes. It looks good on TV, but not in real life.

Taking your dog with you in the car

Don't let him roam around your car - This is for the safety of both your family and your dog. You can crate him in a comfortable, well-vented crate where he has room to stand. Or, keep him in the back seat harnessed to the seat belt.

Pee breaks – You're both going to need these! Bring a comfortable leash so you both can get a little stretching and exercise in. It's also a good idea to teach him to go on command. There's some great articles online to show you how. https://dogs.kinja.com/5-steps-to-teaching-your-dog-to-pee-and-poop-on-command-511788518

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