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5 Must-Read Dog Walking Tips for Both YOU and Your Furry Buddy

Walking your dog is way more than letting him do his business, then getting back inside. It's not only great bonding time, it's also an excellent form of exercise. A good half-hour can provide the fresh air and blood pumping through the muscles you both need. In a Michigan State Study, it was found that 60 percent of dog walkers got what was considered moderate or vigorous exercise.

Bring Water – In warmer weather, dogs can over heat faster than we do. When he's panting, he's sweating, so bring water to avoid dehydration. That goes for YOU too! “Dogs that drink during exercise stay cooler and are able to burn glucose more effectively. ~ Pet Education

Wear Good Shoes – YOU need to be comfortable and good shoes are a must. Add in a good pair of orthotic insoles and it can help reduce foot and body aches and can help improve stability, posture, and alignment.


Choose the Right Leash – Again, this is for both of you. Whether it's Flexi-Lead, leather, or chain, your dog needs optimal comfort, so do a little research to find what's best. Your hands need to remain comfortable too while keeping your dog in control. Think about getting a pair of form fitting Compression Gloves. They're like a second skin and can offer excellent support and relief from sore muscles and painful joint stiffness in your wrist, palms and fingers.

If You Are Able - Walk at a Brisk Pace – If you and your dog can physically move at a slightly quicker pace, you'll both get your cardio up and burn a more few calories. Plus, it'll keep your pooch occupied on moving along so he doesn't notice distractions like every squirrel along the way, because that can get crazy!

Give Him a Sniff Break – When he stops to do his business, let him sniff around for a few moments. Dogs are curious and this lets them know who's near-by and what's going on around them.


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