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Drive A Lot? Here's 6 Great Tips to Help Ease Lower Back Pain

Whether you drive for a living or have long commutes to work, lower back pain is just a miserable thing to deal with. But GOOD NEWS - there are a few simple things you can do that just might help prevent or alleviate your discomfort.

Enjoying your drive
  1. Sit Up Straight! – Okay, sorry for sounding like your mom, but good posture is important even in your car. Sitting up with your chin pulled in, head up straight, and your back planted firmly against your seat reduces pressure off your spine.
  2. Pillows & Cushions – A small, curved, lumbar pillow supports your lower back, reducing pressure off your hips as well. There's also gel or memory foam cushions to support your behind. It's all about comfort when you spend hours in your vehicle.
  3. DO NOT Keep Your Wallet or Phone in Your Back Pocket – It can force your spine, hips, and pelvis out of alignment, and pain is sure to follow.
  4. Wear a Comfortable, Light Weight Lower Back Brace – The Copper Fit Advanced Back Pro was designed to help reduce lower back stress and strain and improve posture. The secure double belt closure makes for adjustable, customized compression. It can be worn comfortably under or over clothes while allowing full range of motion.
  5. You've GOT TO Move Around – If you're in your vehicle for long periods of time, it's recommended to make a two minute stop every 30 minutes, to walk, stretch, and just move around. Getting a quick burst of blood into the muscles will help to prevent stiffness and pain.
  6. Ice to Go! – Place a soft gel ice pack in a portable lunch cooler and keep it in your car for those times you're feeling inflammation in your lower back. Your sacral joints can get sore and tender, and ice will reduce the swelling and help to reduce the pain.
Enjoying your drive

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