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The Incredible Benefits of a STATIONARY Bike Workout – It Just Might be Perfect for You!

I was looking at buying an outdoor road bike but I thought about the rain, snow, hot and cold weather. I also thought about the dangers of actually riding along with cars going right past me. A friend of mine then told me she's been using her exercise bike at home for a few years and not only does she avoid the negatives I just mentioned, it has done wonders for her health. So, I did some online research and found some surprisingly great things about using a stationary bicycle.

Low Impact - The very first thing that hit me was that a stationary bike is considered low impact which is perfect for a guy like me with an old hockey injury that's given me arthritis in my ankle. Walking, running, and outdoor biking can put a ton of pressure and stress of your knees, ankles, feet, legs and hips. The bike is a nice fluid motion that is so much easier on your joints.

Working out on a bike

Great Cardio Workout for ALL Fitness Levels – Your bike does not have to be moving alongside a road in order to get your heart pumping. The indoor bike gives you a great cardio workout that has so many benefits like lowering your blood pressure, giving you more energy, improve your sugar levels, and helping to reduce stress.

Losing Weight – Weight loss is one of the great benefits of an ongoing exercise program as you can burn as much as 600 calories or more per hour.

Strengthens Your Lower Muscles – Cycling is great for strengthening your hamstrings, quads, and calves can also work your core and back muscles.

Incredibly Convenient – Hey, it's in your home or at the gym as you avoid all outdoor negative factors of riding a bicycle.

Working out on a bike

Reduces Mental Stress – You feel good, you're losing weight, you're getting in shape which all helps to alleviate some of the stress in your life. Getting your heart pumping and sweating works to reduce stress levels while helping to release serotonin which helps to regulate your mood, sleep, memory, and sexual desire.

It's Safe – Face it, road cycling can be hazardous. It can also be in weather that is terribly uncomfortable. Indoor cycling can give you the benefits of good health in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. It's a great workout and like we said it just might be perfect for you!

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