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Here's the Way to Make the BEST Frozen Smoothies You'll EVER Create!

If you want to make your own amazing smoothie recipes you've come to the right place. When the weather gets hot, there is nothing like a homemade blended treat to quench your thirst! Now the first thing we want to say is that we NEVER use ice! Ice just waters down the flavor, so the rule of thumb from the smoothie masters is to always go with 2 cups of fruit to one cup of liquid.

Great frozen fruits to use are strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, banana, pineapple, grapes, or any kind of tropical blend. Liquids you can use: orange, pineapple, apple or white grape juice, coconut milk, water, and even a little rum can be added if you're adventurous! You can even use ice cream to make a delicious dessert! Hey, even a dash or whip cream on top can't hurt!

Frozen Berry Smoothie

Now you can make your smoothies 2 ways: with enough consistency so you can drink with a straw, or thick enough that you can eat it with a spoon. To thicken it up you can add yogurt, veggies like spinach, shaved carrot, or kale, protein powder, peanut butter, nuts, seeds, or just double up on the fruit.

So now you want to blend that sweet mixture. The first thing we have to say is to put your blender setting on HIGH so everything in there gets nice and smooth for you. And depending on how thick it is, you may have to pause it so you can get the mixture off the sides of the glass. And keep the top on because you just never know how it's gonna take off when you start!

People making a smoothie together

Smoothie bowls are a big deal right now so you can either serve up your thicker concoction that way, or if it's a drinkable, a tall glass with a straw works fine and add a little umbrella to liven things up!

Making great smoothies is pretty darned simple and it's great to experiment to create some awesome recipes! I'm going with blueberry, strawberry, banana and peanut butter to start. So, what are you ready to whip up?

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