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OMG, the Most AMAZING Recipe for the Best GUACAMOLE You'll EVER Make!

There's a few great reasons to make guacamole: You love the taste... it's so easy to make... and it is over the top HEALTHY! Avocados are awesomely flavorful and guacamole is so simple to create. And it goes amazing with foods other than just chips, but there's nothing wrong with a big bowl of fresh guac and chips, now is there?

But first off, do you have any idea how insanely healthy guacamole really is? Avocados are considered a super food that's just loaded with antioxidants and nearly 20 vitamins and minerals. They have more potassium than bananas (which supports a good blood pressure level), and they carry the good monounsaturated fat. Plus, they're loaded with fiber which is great for your digestion. And, they have good fatty acids with anti-inflammatory properties. Yeah, wow.


Now do we mention how delicious fresh guacamole is? Well, this simple recipe tastes fantastic and you won't be able to stop eating it. Now you'll need to have a few fresh avocados, Roma tomatoes, a little fresh garlic, onion, lime juice and salt. Now some people like to add jalapeno peppers so do if that's your thing.

First make sure your avocados are ripe, meaning not too hard and not to mushy, they should have a little give when you squeeze them. So, you cut it in half with a good-sized knife, remove the pit, then scoop into a bowl with a spoon. Next step is to add in the juice from 1 fresh lime and then mash it all up with a fork. Now you'll add half a finely diced onion (white or red) along with 2 Roma tomatoes with the seeds removed. You then want to add in a couple of fresh garlic cloves along with half a teaspoon of salt. Now mix it all up and you have heaven sitting in your bowl!


Hey, we told you it was easy to make, and it goes amazing with your salad, homemade chili, and on toast or bagels. Hey, we think it's time to make a fresh bowl tonight!

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