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Key Ways for Relieving Pain & Stiffness in Your Hands

When your hands are stiff and hurting, it's frustrating. Tender swollen joints achy from doing everyday normal activities can make it hard to enjoy anything. The good news is, there are several things you can do to get some relief.

Hand Exercises - There are a good number of articles online that illustrate easy-to-do exercises (developed by doctors and therapists) to help alleviate stiffness and pain. A simple and effective one to try is gently forming a loose fist, then opening the hand, fully extending your fingers, and repeat. The internet is full of exercises that may help.

Avoiding pain

Hot & Cold Therapy – If your joints are swollen, lay a soft ice pack across the area (on top of a thin cloth or paper towel to protect the skin). Ice draws blood away from the area while reducing swelling. Do this 10-minutes at a time, once an hour. If there's no swelling but your joints are stiff, use a microwavable moist heat pack for 15 minutes at a time. Heat draws blood to the area, helping to loosen those stiff joints.

Avoiding pain

Copper Infused Compression Gloves – Compression helps blood flow and circulation, and provides support, relief and recovery from painful stiffness, swelling, and sore muscles. Form-fitting, light-weight compression gloves fit like a second skin, and the open finger-tip design lets you comfortably handle small details. Adjustable wrist straps give you the perfect fit you desire.

Always talk with your doctor or a therapist to learn if these tips may work for you.

Copper Fit Compression Gloves – These amazing gloves are the latest copper-infused compression gear designed to give you more power, more support, and more confidence in your every day tasks. Compression gloves help provide support, relief, and recovery from sore muscles and painful joint stiffness in your wrist, palms and fingers. Our form-fitting open-finger design fits like a second skin. Plus, the sure grip technology across the palms and fingers provides added power and confidence when driving, opening or closing valves or jar lids, or any tasks requiring a non-slip grip.