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3 Top Ways to Achieve More Happiness in Your Life – GUARANTEED

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Every one of the world's motivational speakers and gurus have 3 things in common that they profess over and over. These can help you shift your mindset in order to look at things in a happier light. So, if positive change is what you seek, we believe they can really help...

  1. Staying in the Present - Do you agonize about the past – things you can't change? Do you agonize about the future – things that haven't happened and may NEVER happen? When your mind stays focused in the past and the future, YOU ARE NOT LIVING. The past is there to learn from, and the future is for planning your dreams. When your mind starts to drift into these places, ask yourself a simple question: Where am I right now? And the answer is: I'm right here in the present, which is the only place you can get anything done and enjoy the good things in your life.
  2. Forcing Yourself to Smile - Make a great big smile and while holding it, try to think negative thoughts. Guess what, you can't. When your facial muscles move into that upward smiling position, the neurons in your brain are getting the signal that you must be happy, because the only time you really smile is when you are happy. Endorphins get released in your brain that brings a relaxing affect to your body, and... you feel even happier. So, maybe it's time to smile more often!
  3. Have an Attitude of Gratitude – It's proven that thoughts are energy – and energy seeks out other similar forms of energy to bond with. When you are grateful, and I mean grateful for anything that's good, your brain not only sends out good energy, it latches onto other similar forms of good energy. So, instead of waking up with apprehension from what happened yesterday and what could go wrong today – before you even get out of bed, give thanks for EVERYTHING you've got and picture those things in your head. It makes you realize what's truly important – you will smile, you will feel present, and best of all, you will have no choice but to be happy!
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