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The INCREDIBLE Benefits of Taking a HOT Shower or Bath That You Won't Believe!

Ok, we all know that taking a nice hot shower feels great. It invigorates us and we feel alive when we get out. But a hot shower also has some other amazing benefits that you might not know and really need to be aware of.

Better Sleep – Studies show us that taking a hot shower or bath an hour or two before bedtime really does help us get a better sleep! And it doesn't have to be any longer than 10 minutes in order to get the desired benefits. Doing this has been shown to improve the quality of your sleep as well and helping you to actually fall asleep faster.

Woman singing in the shower

Helps to Improve Circulation – When your muscles and joints hurt or are stiff, the hot water from a bath or shower can not only loosen you up, but it can help to reduce inflammation and relieve pain as well.

Helps When You're Sick – It can help to massage away aches and pains. Breathing in all of that steam from a hot shower acts as a decongestant and can loosen up any chest congestion you might have. It can rinse away germs you are carrying. It can help clear up your stuffed-up nasal passages. It also dilates blood vessels in your head which can definitely help to get rid of headaches.

Decreasing Stress – Taking a hot bath or a nice hot shower for no more than ten minutes can calm your muscles, joints, head, and your nerves. A hot shower is almost like a sedative and for some people it can actually replace the needs for pain relievers and muscle relaxers.

Man cozy in his bed after a hot shower

Exercise Warm Up – Warming up before you exercise is key, and a hot shower can really loosen your muscles before a workout. It's the perfect way for getting your blood flowing early in the day.

Get Cleaner Skin – The hot water and steam will open up the pores in your skin. Clean water will get inside and cleanse any toxins, oils, or dirt that has accumulated.

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