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Hummingbirds Are Back! Here's Great Ways to Attract These Beauties to Your Yard!

Hummingbirds are simply amazing creatures to behold. Their wings beat at 80 flaps per second and their hearts do over 1200 beats per minute. Actually they don’t officially flap their wings, but instead they rotate them in a figure 8! They fly at an average of 25 - 30 miles per hour and can dive at a 50 miles per hour. They have no sense of smell but can hear a lot better than us humans! And some will travel over 2,000 miles twice a year for their migration! And they are the only birds on earth that can fly backwards, forwards, up, down, and sideways! Whew!

Hummingbird Feeding on Flowers

Now there are several things you can do to attract these beauties so you can see them quite often. First off, here ’s a nice list of plant life that the birds love: Many types of Beebalms (Lemon, Scarlet, Spotted), Coral Honeysuckle, Cardinal Flower, and a large variety of sages. These birds are made for eating sugary nectar which makes up 90 % of its diet. They’re also attracted to tubular flowers that are either orange or red.

Now, make sure your yard has lots of perches for them to rest on. But they will also perch to get a good look at the territory. They like to nest in places that are close by to the food source, especially near the edge of your yard. Now insects, especially spiders are an important part of their diet so its recommended to not use pesticides in your yard.

Hummingbird on Feeder

Hummingbird feeders are a great way to attract these marvels. Now the first thing is that you should never use artificial sweeteners or honey. What you should use is sugar water by combining 4 parts of hot water with 1 part of white sugar boiled for a minute or two. Also, you can attract fruit flies for them to dine on by hanging over ripened fruit next to the feeder. In fact, you should look up native plants to your area that will attract the types of bugs that hummingbirds will eat

Hopefully these beauties will make your home their summertime resting place!

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