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Drinking a Delicious Tea is Also Unbelievably Healthy - Check Out Its Amazing Benefits Here!

For thousands of years, tea has been loved the world over. Whether it’s iced tea in the warmer months, or a steaming hot cup during colder weather, it’s a delicious drink available in many types. But most people don’t realize how incredibly healthy and beneficial to the body it is. Tea is loaded with nutrients and a whole lot of good stuff that’ll make you love it even more!

Ice Tea Pitcher

Research actually shows that partaking in tea on a regular basis can indeed improve your health! A recent study has proven that tea is a fantastic source for flavonoids and compounds that relieve inflammation and oxidative stress in the body. Green tea is processed the least and popular for its medicinal purposes such as soothing the digestion process.

Now tea is rich in antioxidants and a white tea is simply loaded with them. Regular traditional tea has about 50% less caffeine than coffee and herbal tea contains none. While black tea generally carries the most caffeine, the more the tea steeps the greater the amount of caffeine. And of course, there’s herbal tea’s amazing health benefits as it is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, as it helps in soothing and refreshing the mind.

Tea can also help with weight loss and may actually boost your immune system! And it’s known to contain substances that have been associated to lower risks of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Amazing!

Tea can actually boost endurance during exercise! Scientists discovered that the antioxidants found in green tea extract help the body in burning fat as fuel, which creates endurance in your muscles.

Women sipping a cup of hot tea

And finally, Italian researcher, Vanessa Bianconi claims that study results suggest that habitual tea consumption may be considered as an overall health-promoting lifestyle behavior. Hey, I’ll drink to that!

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