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Top Tips for Protecting Your Joints During Exercise

We know that nothing is going to stop you from getting your exercise in - you need it and it makes you feel good. But as we get a little older, the joints get a little stiffer and a bit more sore. Joint health is crucial, especially if you're going to stay active. Here's a few tips that should really help out...

Good Shoes Are a MUST – We can't stress this enough! Good arch and heel support are crucial in reducing stress on you're the joints in your feet, ankles and knees. It's well worth it to spend a few extra bucks on higher end shoes or sneakers - the payoff is huge! You also might want to consider a good pair of orthotic insoles to help reduce foot and body aches that can also help improve stability, posture, and alignment.

Avoiding joint pain

Light Stretching Before AND After – We're always told to warm-up and stretch before activity, but you should also do some light stretching and cooling down afterwards. This can help with keeping your muscles flexible which helps to limit strain on your joints. The internet is loaded with easy-to-do stretching tips so start surfing!

Low Impact Exercises – If you already have some stress issues with your joints, low impact activity is what you should consider. Walking, light jogging (not on pavement if possible), biking or exercise bike, and swimming are good for cardio and keeping heavy stress off the joints.

Well Made Compression GarmentsCompression sleeves (knees, elbows and ankles), socks, and back braces have been shown to help provide support for muscles and joints, soreness and pain – reduce recovery time for aching muscles – and reduce strain and fatigue by keeping muscles warm.

Avoiding joint pain

Know When to STOP! – Did you feel a tweak, twinge, extreme soreness or even pain? Then it's seriously time to shut it down for the day. It's a signal from your body that you may have overdone it, and rest, along with either ice or heat therapy may be what you need. Always consult your doctor if you're unsure.

Copper Fit Compression Sleeves – These copper infused compression garments are designed to give you the most comfortable, breathable, and consistent support for your joints and back, providing you with muscle and circulatory support. Many athletes and celebrities swear by their compression sleeves, claiming they have more energy, their muscles work more efficiently, and they avoid injury while exercising.