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Are you Ready to Laugh?

You slither into the car on a Monday morning while forcing your body and your brain to gear up for the workday we all dread. While slurping on your coffee and shoveling a bagel down your pie hole, you've got your choice: music or talk radio. Well, I did something a couple of years ago that not only changed how I approached my work week, it's had an amazing impact on how I feel every day.


I got satellite radio for my car, and the choice of music and talk is overwhelming. But when rummaging through the dial, I landed on a comedy channel – comedians doing short bits, 24/7. Before you knew it, I did indeed start laughing regularly and it felt great. There's several comedy channels and I switch back and forth with some music and talk in between, and I swear to you that laughing on a regular basis changes your outlook and it's VERY noticeable.

Forever you've heard the term, “Laughter is the best medicine”, but what's crazy is, for so many of us, laughing just might be a better cure than any pharmaceutical company can charge for. Scientific studies have shown proven evidence that laughing has a profound and positive effect on both the body and the mind. The first thing it does is shift our thoughts away from negativity, releasing endorphins that relieve stress and relax your muscles. In fact, it actually increases your body's immune cells while decreasing stress hormones within. On the Mayo Clinic website, they say, “Positive thoughts can actually release neuropeptides that help fight stress and potentially more-serious illnesses” and, “laughter may ease pain by causing the body to produce its own natural painkillers.”


Guys, this is no joke, yucking it up might be one of the most natural forms of healthcare there is. But, just be careful if you're actually laughing your @$$ off, because you'll end up sitting funny and people will start to talk.

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