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Love Your Super-Heroes? Marvel Comics TV Has 4 Shows with Awesomely Wicked Power!

Well you know about Marvel’s movies featuring the world’s most awesome stars. But are you aware that Netfilx features 4 Marvel heroes each in their own TV series? Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist are protectors of New York City with fantastic stories created by a great team of writers.

Marvel TV

Daredevil (3 seasons) stars Charlie Cox as the blind lawyer Matt Murdoch who doubles as the horned Hell’s Kitchen crimefighter with greater senses than someone who can actually see. The stories are truly fantastic with super high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes from both critics and the fans. His supporting characters, (Foggy Nelson, lawyer partner and office manager, Karen Page) have great parts in each story. And season two introduces Jon Bernthal as the Punisher where amazing television unfolds.

Luke Cage (2 seasons) stars Mike Colter who has taken it upon himself to be the hero of Harlem. Wrongly put in prison, Luke becomes the amazing outcome of an experiment that gives him super strength as well as impenetrable skin. Several evil villains make his life difficult, but he is committed to making the neighborhood forever safe.

Marvel TV

Jessica Jones (3 seasons) stars Krysten Ritter as the NYC private investigator with super strength and heightened healing powers. She’s got an abrasive attitude and doesn’t get close to people, except for her sister through adoption, Trish played by Rachael Taylor. Wickedly evil bad guys make the show a thriller as JJ puts aside fear for triumph.

Iron Fist (2 seasons) stars Finn Jones as Danny Rand. He’s thought to be 15 years dead but comes back to New York to become the 51% owner of the corporate giant, Rand Corporation. After a plane crash as a child, he was raised by the monks of K’un L’un as he mastered Kung Fu to become the immortal Iron Fist. He’s got a lot to learn in the big city as well as the nastiest of super villains.

The Defenders (1 season) What?! All 4 Marvel maniacs star together for 8 episodes of crime fighting mayhem! It’s truly fabulous gathering of super-hero heroics!

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