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Hey Auto Mechanics: Here's Some Great RELIEF Tips for Your Back Pain

Auto mechanics - you love what you do but you sure don't love the aches and pains that come with the territory, specifically: back pain. Spending hours bent over engines or contorting your body underneath vehicles, lifting batteries, tires, and a multitude of heavy objects all day long is incredibly stressful and causes pain. We not only HEAR YOU, we've got a few tips that can really help for easing those aches and relieving that pain.

Mechanic working under the hood of a car

Stretching: Hey, it's not only athletes that stretch, and it's the ideal thing for auto mechanics to do – before and during work. It keeps your muscles warm and lose which helps to prevent pulled muscles and severe strains.

Take a Walk – If possible, every hour or so take a walk around the shop or even outside. You've been stuck in the same positions for hours and this helps to pump blood into your leg and back muscles so they stay warm and pliable.

Get Closer – We know you work with your body positioned at all kinds of weird angles, but the best thing for your spine and back muscles is to get as close as you can to the area you're working in so you're not reaching out and straining when you really don't have to.

Quality Compression Garments – These can be a tremendous help and we recommend them highly for mechanics. There's great compression sleeves for knees and elbows, and gloves to help with those aching hands. But it's the Copper Fit Back Pro Compression Belt that can be a best friend to auto mechanics - so light and supportive that you'll hardly know you have it on. Top of the line compression gear has been shown to help provide circulatory support for muscle stiffness, soreness and pain – reduce recovery time for aching muscles – and reduce strain and fatigue.

Mechanic working underneath a car

Copper Fit Advanced Back Pro – Motivation to live a healthier lifestyle comes in many forms. Copper Fit gear is designed to help you maintain your active lifestyle and improve your performance. From our Advanced Back Pro compression belt to our Rapid Relief BACK with hot/cold therapy, Copper Fit supports your effort to get fit and stay fit. It's time to Live Limitless.