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Do Military Members Experience MORE Pain Than Non-Military? See the Shocking Results...

We were honestly surprised and somewhat shocked of the proven fact: US Military members and veterans live with more ongoing pain than non-military people, says the data analysis of the National Health Interview Survey.

"Our analysis showed that veterans were about 40 percent more likely to experience severe pain than nonveterans," said Richard L. Nahin, Ph.D., the study's lead author. "As well, younger veterans were substantially more likely to report suffering from severe pain than nonveterans."

It's incredible that veterans led in four prominent categories when it comes to pain: Severe Pain (by 40%), Severe Pain by Age, Severe Pain by Condition, and Severe Pain by Sex.

The struggle of working in the military

While opioids have been prescribed for quite some time, we know the dangers they can bring. Other practices such as chiropractic and spinal manipulation, yoga, acupuncture, meditation, and other non-drug related approaches have been recommended for research. A six-year study totaling over 80 million dollars has been put together to test non-drug ways to treat pain.

Now, one way to help reduce and avoid pain is the use of compression garments. Some studies of these amazing garments show that athletes can run longer with less pain while recovering in a faster amount of time. Many athletes believe they have more energy while avoiding injury while wearing the sleeves. Extensive research has shown that compression wear delivers muscle and circulatory support, as they reduce the time of recovery for sore muscles by keeping them warm.

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The struggle of working in the military

We love the members of our military past and present and we hope you all find the best ways to deal with any pain you may have.

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