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Military Members – Relieve Daily Aches While Staying Loose & Limber – Here's 5 Ways How

It is an understatement that military life is physically stressful. A good friend of mine retired after 20 years with tours of Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, and Guantanamo Bay. Of course, his joints are sore, and muscles are tight, and he wanted to stop popping pain relievers every few hours. Both his doctor and chiropractor gave him a few pointers to help with his aches and pains and after several months he feels like a new man. Whether you stand all day or are physically active, the following is very simple, yet really effective - so pay attention and THAT's an ORDER!

Grueling military workout
  1. Seriously, Your Posture is Crucial – Stand up straight and tall with your stomach tucked in, head up, and shoulders pulled back. Good posture takes the pressure off your shoulders, back, hips and legs and REALLY makes a difference in how your overall body feels.
  2. Massage Therapy – If you've never gone to a massage therapist, it's time to hit the table. You won't believe how effective it is at improving circulation while breaking up knots and lactic acid in your body, and loosening your muscles, making you limber.
  3. Stretching During the Day – Simple hamstring, calf, glute, and lower back stretches helps to circulate the blood and keep you loose. Just a few times a day can help you tremendously while keeping you from cramping up. There's plenty of YouTube videos to show you how!
  4. OrthoticsGood orthotics for your shoes or boots can make an amazing difference in your overall body feeling good. They can actually help your posture, keeping things aligned which relieves stress on muscles and joints.
  5. Wearing Compression Garments – Compression sleeves (knees, elbows and ankles), socks, and back braces have been shown to help provide circulatory support for muscle stiffness, soreness and pain – reduce recovery time for aching muscles – and reduce strain and fatigue by keeping muscles warm.
Grueling military workout

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