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Tired? Check Out These 5 EASY Ways to GET MORE ENERGY NATURALLY!

You’re tired, I get it. But I guarantee you don’t realize that you can get more energy during the day, and we’re talking naturally without the use of caffeine and energy drinks. And believe it of not, it’s pretty simple and you won’t believe what a difference it will make!

Really try to avoid excess sugar - When you have a sugar filled drink, cake or candy your blood sugar level spikes and when it wears off you literally crash which causes you to feel tired. You won’t believe how amazing you feel as you start to eliminate added sugar from your diet. You’ll be blown away by your new-found energy!

Hang out with positive, happy, upbeat people - People who talk upbeat and forever act positive live happier lives. Hanging out with them will absolutely wear off on you and you will see your energy levels rise on a daily basis. Another way to look at this is to remove yourself from the negative downers you hang with. What a huge difference this will make for you.

Move around as much as you can - Moving gets the heart beating and the blood pumping. Now I’m not talking hardcore workouts, I’m talking maybe 10 – 15 minutes a day of getting your muscles going, even if it’s at a slow and steady pace. Take the stairs, hop on that exercise bike in the closet, or park a little farther away from the store and you will absolutely begin to notice a difference.

Woman Sleeping

Get more and better sleep - I know this sounds hard to do but there are ways to make it happen. One thing is to avoid phones, computers, and TV at least an hour before you hit the sack because it actually does have an effect on your sleep. Reading a book tires you out and a nice hot bath or shower really relaxes your body and mind.

Huge Breakfast

Definitely EAT BREAKFAST - People who skip the morning meal tend to have less daily energy than those enjoy it each day. But you really want to get jacked up from foods like eggs, fruit, oatmeal, low-sugar yogurt, and grain bread, as opposed to doughnuts and cereals with high sugar content. In a very short time you’ll see a big difference in the way you feel.

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