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Top 10 Tips for Walking at Night

Walking outdoors on a beautiful night is not only great exercise, it's perfect for clearing your mind and relaxing. Here are our favorite Top 10 Tips to help keep your walks fun, productive, and safe.

Walking alone at night
  1. Plan Your Route – It's a REALLY good idea to have your route planned. Safety, terrain, traffic patterns, animals, and lighting should all be taken into consideration so you can walk with confidence.
  2. Always Let Somebody Know Where You're Going – Everyone, including you, will feel more comfortable knowing where you're going and approximately how long you plan to be gone.
  3. Wear Visible Clothing – This is especially true from dusk through sundown. Wear bright and reflective clothing so cars can see you.
  4. Walk with a Friend – The buddy system is always a good idea. It's fun, you'll talk, and it just makes things safer.
  5. Bring Your Cell Phone – As a safety precaution, this is a very important one. If you must talk, stop. Don't gab away with your head down.
  6. Well Lit Areas – Stay in areas where you can see people and animals, and people and cars can see you. Bring a compact flashlight if necessary.
  7. Easy On / Easy Off Compression Socks – wearing great socks is paramount to comfort during and after a walk. Wearing compression socks with added arch support and a cushioned foot bed, can provide added support to your muscles and joints, and help reduce stiffness and soreness afterward.
  8. Carry Pepper Spray – Even the best neighborhoods can have bad situations occur, whether it's unfriendly people or animals. Carrying pepper spray gives you a small level of protection, but may be just the thing you need to avoid injury or foul play. Research the laws in your area before carrying. Each state has different laws surrounding usage.
  9. Walk Toward Oncoming Traffic – You should see what's coming at you, and in front of you, at all times. Face traffic. Do not walk with your back to oncoming traffic!
  10. Never Assume Cars See You – Obviously, it's best to walk in areas with sidewalks, but if your route doesn't have them at all times, and you are walking in the street, get to the side quickly when encountering on-coming traffic. Don't assume the car can see you.
Walking with others at night

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