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Orange Juice is Amazing for You – Just Check Out the Incredible Health Benefits

group of people with orange juice

Almost everybody loves orange juice – it tastes great and people have been drinking it forever. But I think you're about to be surprised by the amazing amount of benefits this sweet and tasty beverage has for your body. Okay, we know about the vitamin C content but there's just so much more. You've got to check this out...

OJ is just loaded with healthy flavonoids, and antioxidants as well as vitamins A, E, and B9 plus magnesium and potassium. And because of its high levels of vitamin C, it really works to strengthen our immune system. It's also full of ascorbic acid which really helps to fight disease.

orange juice inside mason jar with oranges

This awesome breakfast drink has incredible healing properties in the body. Those antioxidants and ascorbic acids promote powerful natural healing processes and help in the regeneration of damaged cells. One amazing thing is that it can actually help with weight loss. Now you want to avoid juices that have added sugar, especially for a low carb and low sugar diet. While the juice is sweet in flavor, it's very low in fat and has a low glycemic index.

Wow, are you ready for this... it even helps to lower cholesterol as it actually assists in lowering LDL cholesterol in the body. This terrific drinks also works to protect your cardiovascular system. And the high amount of calcium and potassium work to prevent kidney diseases and the formation of stones.

Loaded with vitamin A and carotene and a whole load of antioxidants are not only excellent in protecting the immune system, it also works to improve your eyesight. Vitamin A is particularly important or protecting your eye's cornea.

So, you knew orange juice was a delicious drink that goes great with your morning bacon and eggs, but now you know how wonderful it is for you. Doctors say that fresh squeezed is best, but if you choose store bought just make sure of any added sugar content. Now drink up!

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