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Confined to the House? Here's some GREAT Plans for When All of This is Over!

So, you're stuck in your house and you REALLY need stuff to do. So how about spending some time planning out some trips to go on when we can all get back out again. Come on now, don't you think you're worth it? Whether it's some drives to places or traveling to other cities, I really think that getting out there again will make you feel good about things while spending time with your friends and family.

First off, saying that you have little money or time is a lame excuse. You can go places on holidays and weekends and booking flights right now is cheaper than ever before! Traveling definitely disconnects you from everyday life and makes you feel alive.

Plan Trips

Traveling will create memories that last forever and will make you feel awesome thinking back on them. You'll learn new stuff, meet new people and you'll have some great photos and videos to share with friends and on social media. Mark Twain said: "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do." This little shut down of regular life we're temporarily going through will be over soon and it's just a great excuse to experience some things you've always wanted to.

How about taking a drive into the country, or to a winery? Go visit friends or family you haven't seen in ages. Check out a larger city and eat at different restaurants, a museum or a show. There are so many amazing foods you haven't had! An Airbnb in a cool place would really be extra special. Or just how about Disney, Vegas, or swimming with dolphins somewhere if you've got the time? There's so much you can do and know that you deserve it.

Plan Trips

The other thing that traveling does is that it makes you a whole lot smarter. You can learn so much about different things and that definitely makes you a lot more interesting person. You'll have some great stories to share and amazing things to talk about for a long time.

So, think about setting up some travel, no matter how short or long a time it will take. Go online, read articles, talk to friends and research the heck out of it. It'll not only give you give you a whole lot to do now, but the fun you'll have later on will be amazing!

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