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Ready to Do Your Planting? Then You Definitely Want to Avoid THESE 4 Things

Spending a weekend planting can be relaxing for the mind and therapeutic for the soul. Colorful flowers and plants around your house, apartment, or condo not only look great, but they make you feel so good. Whether you have a green thumb or not, there are things you really need to look out for before you spend a lot of money and time rummaging through the dirt.

Some Plants Just Don't Like Each Other – Just like some people, certain flowers and plants really don't get along. Some can be dominant and overtake others (especially if they're sharing the same pot) and you really should talk to your local garden center or surf the web for a number of good articles with great advice before you actually dig in.

Wack Those Weeds – Ugh, weeds are popping up among your annuals and perennials. With potted plants, good potting soil should keep them away - although the wind can spread their nasty seeds to your porch or deck. In that case you'll want to refill with fresh soil. A good way to suppress them in your garden is laying down a heavy bed of mulch. It helps them from pushing through and keeps the ground moist as well. If they do start to show, spray them with a natural herbicide or keep a spray bottle of vinegar around which really does the trick.

Beautifully gardened house

Slimy Little Buggers – My gorgeous hostas were getting pinholes in the leaves and before you knew it, huge holes were consuming them. My lawn guy said: Slugs, they dine on certain plants like it's and all-you-can-eat buffet. Know what else slugs love? Beer! Cut down some plastic cups two inches high, fill them with beer, and place them among your plants. The following morning, many will be floating in their drunken demise.

The Aches & Pains Afterwards – Spending hours digging through soil with your hands, or hunched over on your knees, brings a whole lot of achiness and stiffness for days. One thing that's been shown to help relieve those strains and pains while helping to recover quicker is Compression Garments like knee sleeves, compression gloves, and Back Pro belts. Compression wear has long been known for providing muscle and circulatory support.

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