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Since You're Stuck in the House – Here's Some Great Podcast Ideas to Enjoy!

Ok, so we're all stuck in our homes for a little bit and we're craving for things to do. One thing we highly recommend is getting into some great podcasts that are out there. If you already listen to them, there are still SO many you haven't heard! There's over 2 million podcasts indexed by Google and Apple reports over a billion downloaded. You'll never run out of great topics and shows to listen to.

25% of Americans listen to podcasts weekly, but if you aren't doing it, you're missing out on some fantastic entertainment that you can enjoy virtually anywhere and right on your phone! And the number one reason why people enjoy listening is because you can multitask while doing other things at the same time.

More than half of America's population have listened to a podcast. Edison Research says that 82% listen at home, 58% in their vehicle, and 41% listen while walking. 78.5% listen while commuting, 65% while doing housework, and 55% listen during their free time. Now here's a little list from the top-rated podcasts that are out there right now...


The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most listened to podcasts in the world with over 190 million downloads per month. His down to earth style, interview guests, and wide range of topics include: comedy, sports, music, politics and spiritualty and so much more. The Adam Carolla Show is also very relatable as he and his panel talk about everyday life with a hysterical comedic tone.

Office Ladies features Jenna Fisher and Angela Kinsey, stars the best friends from the hit TV show The Office. Each week they discuss an episode from the show, giving us behind the scenes happenings of the Scranton based company. That's what she said. The Dave Ramsey Show features the famed money guru who wants to get you out of debt and make you realize that you can have financial peace.


Bill Simmons from HBO and The Ringers hosts the most downloaded sports podcast on the planet! He features a crew of athletes, media peeps, and celebrities discussing everything imaginable about the world of sports, Supernatural with Ashley Powers looks at the strangest and true crime happenings, and there's Conan Obrien Needs a Friend, who started his podcast to make friends of his guests, something he's never done. Ok, now there's a couple million more to choose from!

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