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Post-Workout Meals – The Most Important Thing You Can Do for Muscle Recovery

We've talked about the tremendous importance of Pre-Workout Meals to give you the fuel you need during exercise. And now we discuss the equally important subject of post-workout meals because having the right balance of protein and carbs is essential for muscle recovery.

It's all about glycogen storage. When you workout, you use up the glycogen stored in your muscles. When you eat the proper balance of foods shortly after exercising, it replaces what you used up, and it does it quickly. This is important in helping your body to:

  • Increase your protein for muscle growth
  • Lessen protein breakdown in your muscles
  • Restore the glycogen in your muscles
  • Boost the recovery of your muscles
Eggs and avocados

Again, the foods you eat should be a balance of protein, carbs, and yes, even fat. As far as a great replacement drink goes, we've talked about the benefits of chocolate milk, ergo, protein, carbs and fat.

Here are some great post-workout meal suggestions...

  • Tuna salad on whole grain toast
  • Grilled or broiled salmon with a sweet potato
  • Greek yogurt with assorted berries and granola crumbles
  • Sirloin cheeseburger (no bun) with a side salad
  • Grilled chicken with brown rice
  • Multi-grain bread with peanut butter drizzled with raw honey
  • Low sugar cereal with 2% milk and berries
  • Hummus with pita and veggies
  • Cottage cheese with berries or fruit slices
  • Protein Shake with berries or a banana
  • Grilled chicken with veggies
  • Scrambled Eggs with avocado on grain toast
  • Apple slices with peanut butter and cheddar cheese slices
Peanut butter, apples, and cheese

These food combinations are all really good mixes of protein carbs and fats that not only make for great recovery foods but taste great too! Enjoy!

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