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Ladies Quarantine Workouts: Here's Some of the Web's Best FREE Apps, Sites & Instructors!

Wow, do I miss going to the gym. I miss the people, the machines and the instructors. But after doing a ton of research, I found out that the web has SO many FREE workouts and classes right now, I mean more available than ever before! So, while you're social distancing, (and I hope you are) you can find the world's best exercise gurus, apps, and trainers offering up free workouts to you at home.

Whether you're a couch potato who needs to lose weight, a totally physically fit nutcase, or anything in between, the web has what you need. Even name brand gyms are offering up workouts and exercise routines for free that are normally just for paid members. Right NOW is the time to Google what you're into and surf like crazy! Here's a few places listed below that we think you'll want to check out...

Exercising when at home

Reebok – This athletic icon realizes that now is the time to offer up health and workouts for the home. Their amazing YouTube channel offers up weekly digital classes taught by an array of Reebok CrossFit ONE trainers. And there's a HUGE array of videos to choose from! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_DCGp8e67-f_cxoQ1YXiDkscISdz7D6d

Venus Williams – The world-renowned athlete is offering up 5-minute daily workouts on Instagram Live!. Each day she shows us something different to do at home! > https://www.instagram.com/venuswilliams/

Bandier – This well-known apparel brand is giving and giving! Each weekday at 4pm est they have a variety of trainers hosting live classes on Instagram! > https://www.instagram.com/bandier/

Women's Health Magazine – The women's fitness giant is featuring daily workouts with numerous trainers on their Instagram page. Everything from legs, arms, and core to full body is on the schedule. > https://www.instagram.com/womenshealth/

Exercising when at home

Classpass – You have free access to this awesome app that features over 2,000 audio and video workouts to do at home. From strength training to yoga and more, they offer different degrees of difficulty. > https://classpass.com/signup/offer/Mzc5MzE=

Daily Burn – This awesome fitness app is offering a 2-month free trial of over 2,000 workouts from Barre, to yoga, kick boxing and so much more! > https://lp.dailyburn.com/workoutathome/index.html

Fitbit Premium – Available on the Fitbit app is a 90-day Free Trial for new users! Known fitness brands are offering workouts and programs from every type of healthy lifestyle! > https://apps.apple.com/us/app/fitbit/id462638897

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