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6 Things You Need To Fix Up in Your Home While You’re Quarantined!

While there’s still Quarantines going on, you have the time to finally fix up stuff in and around your house that you didn’t have the time to before! My friend did just that and his house has been upgraded considerably. Now he’s not a builder or even really a handyman for that matter, but he watched some You Tube videos, picked up a few supplies and learned how to fix up things around his home… and the results are awesome! Here’s a few fixes he made and now his house look simply amazing!

Sweet Potato Fries

Planted a Flower Garden The front of the house was drab for years, so an upgrade was in order. He laid down a few bags of soil, planted a bunch of thick colorful flowers, and added some new bushes. For real, it looks like he spent thousands with a landscaper but did it himself and it makes the house look spectacular! What an upgrade!

Sealed the Driveway – He bought a driveway sealing kit, fixed the cracks, laid down the sealant and it not only looks new, but now he’s making a few grand doing our neighbors driveways!

Replaced Porch Handrails – He got brand new modern looking handrails for the front and back porch, learned how to take out the old ones and install new ones! The porches look new and awesome!

Put in New Toilets The old ones were over 30 years old and just looked bad. So, he bought 2 brand new ones that are a slightly different shape and taller off the ground and what an absolute difference this makes in his bathrooms! And it really wasn’t hard to do.

Man Painting

Fixed Up His Shed – He has an old wooden shed where the door and roof was just old and the paint was chipped. So, he spent a weekend sanding the shakes, installed a nice new door, painted it all, replace a few shingles and even planted flowers around it. And I am telling you it makes his yard look like home. It’s actually unbelievable how much this spruced things up!

Installed Brand New Shutters He found vinyl shutters online that were beautiful, colorful and inexpensive. He had only repainted the house recently so doing the shutters was the finishing touch. Between the flowers, porch handrails, and the shutters the house looks new and without question has increased in value. Just gorgeous!

So, I have now dived into a few projects at home and it looks great. Hey, you’ve got some time, what could you do around the house to make it look newer?!

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