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Men's Quarantine Workouts: Here's Some of the Best Sites, Apps & Instructors Online!

Okay, so you may be quarantined at home, but that sure as heck doesn't mean you can't be getting that body moving while working out. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a total fitness psycho because you cannot believe the amount of online classes, workouts, and exercise programs that are available for you!

Whether it's an equipment brand, guru, club, or gym, they all want to help us during this lockdown by offering a mountain of physical activities to choose from that matches your level and abilities. So, I did a little research and found some great sites and apps for you to check out.

Centr – Chris Hemsworth, that's right, the actor who plays the mighty Thor spent 2 years putting together an app that's filled with great workouts, mediations, and food recipes meant to make your life complete. He's assembled a team of trainers and experts who combine movement, nutrition, and mindfulness, the 3 elements of healthy living. > https://centr.com/join-us

Dumbell lifts

Planet Fitness – The fitness chain is offering up what they call “Work-Ins” for FREE everyday on Facebook and You Tube. And the classes don't require any equipment whatsoever, so it's guaranteed to be great exercise and a whole lot of fun! > https://www.facebook.com/planetfitness/

Nike Training Club – The sports equipment giant has a great app that gives you custom workout classes based on what YOU need. They even feature working out with some well-known athletes like soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo and basketball legend Isaiah Thomas. > https://www.nike.com/ntc-app

Gold's Gym – Founded in Venice Beach California in 1965, they've always been dedicated to the healthy lifestyle. Now during the nation's quarantine, the workout icon is offering FREE at home fitness featuring the most experienced trainers. > https://www.goldsgym.com/golds-gym-fitness-experience/


Anytime Fitness – This fitness giant with close to 5,000 gyms in the United States is offering FREE workouts on their Facebook page on weekdays. They also have Question & Answers to your concerns about physical and mental issues during this lockdown time. > https://www.facebook.com/anytimefitness/

Peloton Digital – The good news here is that you don't have to own expensive Peloton equipment to get a FREE 90-Day trial during this quarantine time period. There are over 10,000 on demand workouts available including: strength, walking, cycling, running, cardio, including up to twenty in-studio classes that are live. > https://www.onepeloton.com/app

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