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How to Choose the Right Type of Shoes for: Running, Walking, & Cross Fit Training

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Whether you run or jog, exercise to keep fit or you're a hardcore athlete, the same mentality goes into choosing your shoes. You want to pick a pair that was made for the specific kind of exercise you are doing. Walking, running, and cross fit shoes are all different, assuring you the right comfort and safety component.

Running Shoes – They are designed for several things: preventing injury with the right shock absorption while helping you move swifter with greater ease. Now your feet swell when you run so it's suggested for a good fit that you try on your shoes in the afternoon or later in the day. You want the shoe to fit comfortably around your foot and fit directly centered on the sole. Now there are 3 type of running shoes to consider: Durable for everyday running, Lightweight for speed and racing, and for dirt you want them more durable up top.

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Walking Shoes – The first thing you want are shoes that match the shape and type of foot you have: high arches, low arches, flat feet or wide feet. Plus, you can always choose how much support you may want or need. As the same with running shoes, make sure you buy them later in the day. Now if they feel tight when trying them on don't be thinking that they'll stretch. You want them to feel totally comfortable when you first put them on, and they say to leave around a half an inch space from the tip of your longest toe to the front of the shoe. Most Important: walking around the store for a minute or so to make sure of exactly how they feel.

Cross Fit Shoes – Whether your training for cardio or strength, excellent support is vital when choosing a cross fit shoe. You're wearing these while working out, so they need to be both durable and comfortable. Again, you want the kind of shoe that fits your foot perfectly while matching your arch. Best thing is to ask the store employees what type of arch you have. Look for the ankles and tops of the shoes to be sturdy with good support. Now you do not want to have to break them in. Move around when you try them on and take the time to make sure they're comfortable and fit great!

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