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The BEST TIPS to Keep Your Dog Safe in Hot Weather

You love your 4 - legged friend and keeping him safe and healthy is always the priority. And with the hot weather here, there are some extra precautions you need to take to make sure that your canine is always protected.

Dog Smiling

The first thing is to never leave your dog in the car, even if the windows are cracked. In 85- degree weather your car can climb up to 120 degrees in just half an hour. Many states even now have laws about not keeping pets in cars. Dogs that can overheat easily are older or younger pooches, or those who are overweight or have thick coats. Either leave 'em home or take them with you! Some of the symptoms of overheating are panting heavily, excessive drooling, and even mild weakness.

Dog in a backpack

Now if it's REALLY hot, you just wanna keep your buddy indoors. But even if the heat is tolerable, make sure they have access to a lot of fresh water in deep bowls as they lose body moisture a lot quicker than us humans. You also want to keep them in the shade and don’t have them running about. They can get really sick if they overheat so keeping them cool and inactive is your best bet

One thing a lot of owners don't realize is to never shave your dog. You can trim his coat in the summer, but the fur actually helps to prevent sunburn and overheating. As long as air can circulate through their coat they will stay cool. And if you're going to use a sunscreen, make sure it’s approved for use on your pets! This is also the time of year that you want to scale back on their exercise. Now if you're going to walk them, earlier in the morning or later at night are better times because it's just not as hot outside.

Just a few simple preventable measures can really help to make sure your dog stays healthy and in good shape all summer long

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