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Sit Ups Vs. Crunches – What’s the Best for Losing That Gut?

This has been a question for years from people of all ages. So, the very first thing you need to know is that neither sit ups or crunches burn fat. Sorry, but you needed to know that combining aerobic exercise (which is fat burning) with a healthy low calorie/lower carb diet is what will help you lose the fat. But you also need to know that both sit ups and crunches will strengthen your core muscles which will help to strengthen your entire body!


Sit Ups and Crunches both help you in building muscles. But what’s important to know is that sit ups actually work multiple muscles on your body, (not just your abdominals) including: lower back, hip flexors and chest. Crunches only work your abdominals. This is a great exercise for those who are trying to have six-pack abs so they are just a tad more advanced.

Now the problem with sit ups is that people either do them incorrectly or do too many which can hurt your lower back and even your neck. We recommend speaking with your doctor or a physical trainer to learn exactly what you should be doing at your age and the shape you are in. We do recommend wearing a comfortable, Light Weight Lower Back Brace. The Copper Fit Advanced Back Pro was designed to help reduce lower back stress and strain and improve posture. It can be worn comfortably under or over clothes while allowing full range of motion.

Woman doing a sit up

Crunches are ideal for strengthening your core which can actually help your entire body and how you feel overall. This can actually help to improve your posture and even your balance. Now what kind of shape that you are in depends on how to approach doing crunches. If you’re a beginner, you want to start really slow, with low reps. And again, a doctor or a professional trainer is who you should seek advice from.

The web is absolutely loaded with articles and videos on how to approach working your stomach and your core and you can definitely find the best ways to do these workouts to go with the kind of shape that you are in. And, while these exercises don’t burn fat, they will help to put you in better shape, including looking better and feeling better.

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