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Achy & Stiff Sitting Behind Your Computer All Day? 5 Ways to Get Relief...

Trust us, we know how you feel. You sit behind that screen all day and the only answer to the achiness and stiffness seems to be popping those pain relievers. But we're here to tell you there are several little things you can do to get some real relief so you can keep on going.

Sitting in a front of a computer all day

Get Up...NOW! – We know, you can sit there for hours without even a drink or bathroom break, but it's the worst thing for you. It's recommended that you get up for 2 minutes once every half hour - walk around, get some water, and do some light stretching for 2 minutes – that's it, just 2 minutes will do a world of good for your muscles.

Posture is KING – If your chair is low and you're hunched over your keyboard with your shoulders shrugged inwards, well, you're really hurting yourself. But, if your sit up straight with your lower back pressed firmly against your chair with your computer screen at the right height, that's good posture and it will relieve the pressure from happening in your spine and between your shoulder blades.

How Old is That Chair – Are you sitting on a relic? If you don't have a chair with great support and you sit for a living, you're doing yourself some harm. Yeah, really good chairs can be pricey, but if you sit all day, then purchasing a comfortable chair should be at the top of your list. Chairs with memory foam and mesh back support set at the optimal height will help to make you feel like a new person.

Sitting in front of a computer all day

A Lightweight Compression Belt – So comfortable, you won't even realize it's on, the Copper Fit Advanced Back Pro was designed to improve performance, even if you're hunkered down in a chair for ten hours!

A Few Minutes in the Morning or Night – You want to relieve the pressure in your hips, butt, neck and between your shoulders. Just a few super-simple stretches for a few minutes will make you not only feel like new, you'll feel so much better the next day when perched behind your computer. Check THESE stretches out right here > https://www.self.com/gallery/the-workout-you-need-to-do-if-you-sit-all-day

Copper Fit Advanced Back Pro – Motivation to live a healthier lifestyle comes in many forms. Copper Fit gear is designed to help you maintain your active lifestyle and improve your performance. From our Advanced Back Pro compression belt to our Rapid Relief BACK with hot/cold therapy, Copper Fit supports your effort to get fit and stay fit. It's time to Live Limitless.