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Weekend Athletes: How Would You Like to Reduce Pain, Stiffness, Stress & Strain?

The arrival of spring is a beautiful thing for those of us who want to stay active with sports and exercise. After a long winter, the warmer weather is calling us to get out there and start moving that body again!

Many of us had limited activity during the winter months. Whether you're playing softball, golf, jogging, walking, tennis, mountain biking, or whatever you love, you're going to be using muscles that haven't seen action in a while and you KNOW what that means stiffness, strain, aches and pain. Sure, you're all excited to hit the batting cage, the practice tee, and biking with your buddies on that first nice weekend – but come Monday morning, everything just hurts, and pain relievers are your friend.


Maybe its time you made a new friend, one that can help reduce strain and muscle fatigue while helping to provide support for muscle stiffness, soreness, and pain. Say hi to your new good buddies: Compression garments. These garments have long been known for providing muscle and circulatory support. Their benefits are backed by extensive research, as compression wear has been shown to reduce the recovery time of muscles by keeping them warm.

Well-made Compression Garments are designed to fit discreetly and comfortably under your clothes and come in a variety of applications to fit your specific needs:

  • Elbow, Knee, and Ankle Sleeves
  • Back Pro for Lower Back Support
  • Easy on / Easy Off Compression Socks
  • Balance Performance Orthotic Insoles
  • Anatomically Designed Rapid Relief Hot & Cold Therapy Wraps
  • Form Fitting Compression Gloves (that fit nicely in a golf glove or baseball mitt)

Some studies even indicate athletes can run longer with less pain and recover faster. Many athletes who wear compression sleeves believe that it improves their performance, also stating they have more energy and that they avoid injury while exercising.

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