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It's REALLY COLD Out... Should You Still Walk Outside? Here's Our VERY Best Answer...

Whether you love to walk, you do it for good exercise, or both... once it gets really cold out, you may not feel like it. But then again, you don't want to go several months without the exercise that your body really needs. So, here's some of our thoughts so you can decide what is best for you...

First off, it depends on your age, your health, and what your doctor feels is best for you. Now, if you feel you can handle it, and it's not too frigid or windy, go for it if that's what you want to do! But you do need to prepare for the outside weather.

Walking outside in the cold with your children

Dress for the Occasion - First off, you want to wear synthetic wicking fabrics and waterproof breathable materials. Staying warm, dry, and comfy is a Godsend, so dress in layers as well to match the weather outside. That way, in the event you dress “too warm”, you can always peel layers off.

Warm Up Indoors – Believe it or not, it's better for your heart to warm up inside before exercising in the cold. Either march in place or walk around the house for a 5-10 minutes to get blood pumping through the leg muscles.

Safety is Key – First off, if you're walking in the dark, make sure you wear reflective clothing so oncoming traffic can easily see you. And if it is just too cold or windy outside, then don't risk it! Do some exercise in the house or head to the gym if you belong. Your safety is everything.

Walking outside in the cold with your dog

What About Walking Your Dog? – Well, a good thought in all of this is if it's too cold for you, it's probably too cold for your pooch. Now, “don't want to” and “really cold out” can be two different things so you need to do what you honestly feel is best for both of you. If it's below freezing outside, really old and young dogs should stay inside. The breed of your dog can determine your walking so check that out as well.

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