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Love to Walk? Here's How to Make It Much More Fun and Rewarding!

Walking is great for you. No matter your shape, weight, or age, you can walk at the pace that's perfect for you. But we admit, sometimes it's tiresome or boring doing the same routine all the time and we're here with a few ideas on how to mix it up to make your walks more beneficial and even more fun.

Feet walking on a road

Now we know that most people walk alone and use the same path each day. But the first thing you want to do is ask different friends and neighbors to join you! I walk five days a week and have different sets of people on different days and it has made it so much more fun. We talk and laugh, the walks seem to go by so much faster and I really look forward to it. I actually called friends and went to my neighbor's houses to see if they were interested and I was really surprised how well it was received!

I was getting bored walking the same paths each night, so I did some research and found several different and great places to walk that weren't far at all from my house. Now my different walking groups mix it up each week and it's always rewarding. Of course, we checked them out first to make sure they were safe and easy enough for everyone involved.


Now if you have a dog, it's another great way for making your daily walks fun. Taking your pooch out for his nightly stroll is great for both of you as you bond and get the exercise you both need. Always make it around the same time and distance so it becomes a routine. You can even get your neighbors with dogs to join in for awesome nightly walks.

The last thing is that I thought carrying light dumbbells while walking was a good idea but I'm finding that many experts feel that they can cause stress injuries to your muscles and your joints. Many suggest making a fist and doing chest presses and upright rows to help firm, tighten and sculp your upper body while walking.

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