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You Want Me To Walk HOW MANY Steps a Day... Are You Crazy?!

I sit all day behind a desk-top and write stuff for a living. I put in some long days, planting my rump in a chair for up to 12 hours. Yeah, I know, being sedentary isn't healthy, but I'm good at what I do and I'm not about to fulfill my lifelong dream of playing in the NHL.

Now, walking is good for the body and it's easy, so I bought a pedometer and I see I'm doing 3,000 steps, (which is roughly a mile and a half) which I thought sounded pretty good... Until I searched the web, finding numerous articles claiming that the magical number is 10,000 steps a day - which garnered the response, “What chu tawkin' bout Willis?!” That's close to 5 miles, how am I supposed to perform THAT little miracle?” That would intimidate a whole lot of people who would stop before even starting.


So, upon doing a bit more research, the real goal should be this: If you're not doing anything at all, then start small. If you're doing a little, push to do a little more. So, I challenged myself to see how many steps I can increase daily. I'm doing the things you've always heard like parking farther away, taking the stairs instead of an elevator, and while I don't have a dog, I started walking with my neighbor while he walks his dog, although the tinkle and poop breaks get a little tiresome – the dog, not me.

Couple walking

Being fairly sedentary for so long, my calves and ankles were sore, so I started wearing good compression socks which helped relieve the achiness a ton. And, before you know it, I'm up to 6,000 steps a day and I swear, I really do feel much better. You know the saying, Just Do It? That's right.

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