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Here’s the BEST & Tastiest Warm Weather Veggies to Grow in Your Garden

There a lot of choices of what to grow in the spring and fall, but when the weather starts to turn from warm to hot there aren't as many. But luckily, there are several veggies that thrive in the warmth and heat. So, here’s a few delicious one’s we highly recommend that you need to add to your garden and your family will love them!

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potatoes Look on the web and you'll find sweet potatoes at the top of everyone's list for growing when the weather goes from warm to hot. The beauty here is that when it gets a little too hot to grow regular spuds, these sweet one's will thrive. And when we say thrive, we mean that they just don't need a whole lot of attention. And in around 90 days they're ready pick! They're lower in calories and carbs than regular spuds and are loaded with Vitamin A (great for skin and eye sight) along with vitamin C.

Eggplant Many consider eggplants to be the absolute best summer crop. They actually love the heat and basically grow free of pests and disease all summer long. There are several kinds of eggplants so we recommend you do a little research to find out which type grows best in your region. Not only are they so delicious, but they're also high in nutrients and antioxidants, and low in calories and high in fiber which makes them a terrific addition to any type of diet!

Chili Sauce Extra Hot

Hot Peppers Now there are a number of hot peppers to choose from so the first thing to make sure of is that you can handle the heat. The good thing is that they grow extremely well in most climates but they do prosper well when it's hot out. And they are pest resistant due to their natural spiciness. It's a good idea to grow a few different types to see what you'll like and what grows best where you live. Hot peppers are also great for your digestive tract, they can relieve joint pain, and can actually improve your metabolism!

Cucumbers – If you want to grow great cucumbers, all you need is good moist soil and a whole lot of natural sunlight. And while some cukes don’t tolerate the heat well, there are a number of varieties that handle the hot weather like champs. They're really high in water content, super low in calories and very rich in nutrients and antioxidants. You can add them to so many salads and dishes, but they are truly delicious when sliced ultra-thin while adding just a little olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper… Yum!

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