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5 Wonderfully Delicious Winter Veggies... So Tasty and Incredibly Good For You!

Almost anywhere you live in the US has colder weather during the winter months. And that means a different crop of fresh veggies have come out to play. Today we bring you 5 different vegetables that are known for sprouting during these months and are so tasty and incredibly healthy. And here you go...

Sweet Potatoes – How many of you seriously love your sweet potatoes? They're considered a root vegetable, starchy and sweet. They are high in fiber content which helps with your digestion. They're wonderfully delicious and cooking them actually increases their vitamin C content level. These orange veggies are a great source for C and B vitamins as well as minerals like beta carotene, calcium and iron. Use within 3-5 weeks.

Winter vegetables

Belgian Endive – It's very low in carbohydrates and calories and is a member of the chicory family. Endive is loaded with Vitamin K which is fat soluble and is known for boosting your bone health. Most people use it in salads and is delicious with radicchio, olive oil and vinegar. It should stay fresh for about 2 weeks while kept in the veggie drawer in your fridge. It's high in fiber which fills you up while dieting.

Collard Greens – Incredibly popular in the southern United States, this super tasty vegetable features tough stemmed dark leaves and is in the same family as broccoli and cabbage. Best known for being cooked with smoked ham hock or turkey wings. Before cooking you want to make sure to first remove the stems then wash the leaves extra thoroughly. Cooking long and slow while using moist heat will reduce it's tough and bitter texture.

Sweet Dumpling Squash – The beauty of this squash is that there are so many great ways to cook it – creamy soup, stuffed, caramelized, mashed, glazed, baked, roasted, and more! They are different than summer squashes, having hard, thick skins, and taking longer to cook as they are firmer than the summer variety. They can be stored for up to two full months in a cool and dark place. When cooked its light and tender with a mild yet sweet flavoring.

Winter vegetable salad

Turnips – Small to medium sized turnips are the sweetest and are actually related to arugula, broccoli and kale. Like all root veggies, they are high in fiber and best stored in a dry, dark, and cool environment. They can be cooked in a number of ways such as roasted, mashed, baked, in soups and in stews as well.

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